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Dental prosthetics can essentially be categorised into appliances that are either fixed permanently into the mouth to replace teeth (eg: crowns and bridges) and removable appliances (dentures either partial or full dentures).

All prosthetic devises require accurate impressions or moulds to be taken from the mouth and these are subsequently sent to laboratories for the crown, bridge or denture to be constructed by an experienced technician.

In all prosthetic devices, a variety of materials may be considered for strength, function and appearance depending upon the specific requirements set out during the initial examination.

What treatment can Bella Vita Dental Clinic Prosthodontists perform?

Our prosthodontist is an expert in “restoring natural teeth or replacing missing teeth”. This means that most dental services like fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and cosmetic dentistry are services that our prosthodontist performs. Maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile is also one of the main concerns of us.  To accomplish this, hygiene treatments such as cleanings, preventative care, and regularly scheduled exams are performed as well.

Who can benefit from seeing our Prosthodontist?

  • You are unsatisfied with your current or past dental work
  • You have a reoccurring dental issue that others have failed to solve for you
  • You suffer from medical concerns that have attributed to your severe dental decay and/or dry mouth
  • You need crowns/bridges and want to seek the care of a specialist in this treatment.
  • You are missing teeth.
  • You have severely worn down teeth.
  • You grind and/or clench your teeth, with or without associated pain.
  • You have interest in what dental implants can do for you and your missing teeth.
  • You have difficulty with your current dentures.
  • You are concerned with the quality of your dental care.
  • You need a dentist that can restore the optimal appearance and function to your smile.
  • You need a dentist with advanced training in esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth.

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